Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 7 - Alec scores a goal!

One day Alec was going to the soccer game for the first time! He was soooooo excited that the first thing he did in the morning was run out of bed, eat his breakfast, get his clothes on and jump on everyone's bed! Everyone was so excited because they were coming to watch him. Everyone ate their breakfast. Alec had all ready had his breakfast so he went outside to practice playing soccer. When they got to the soccer game, everyone got a nice cozy seat except Alec because he was going to play the game! Soon the coach arrived (finally!) Alec kicked the ball really hard for his very first time. Everyone clapped and cheered because he scored a goal and everyone was so happy because he was on their favourite team and they won. Everyone went home to have their little lunch break for 4 minutes, then they went back to the game. It was only across the road! Then Alec was going to get his medal because he won! He had 20 people on his team and Alec made the whole team win. Just 1 of him and 19 of the rest and he could still make his team win because he had been practicing the game by himself. Mister Brown and the rest came over their house after the game for a picnic. They had toast, juice, cupcakes, Aussie fries (because we're not French!!!) Poor Ghost couldn't join because he had no teeth to eat because he was a ghost!! But he could eat toast, cupcakes & drink juice. Everyone came over including Zoe and Rachel. They all had fun .


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 6 - Molly's Tangled Tail

Early in the afternoon Molly the kitten put on a circus show. Molly was very good at doing circus tricks. She knew how to slide along the floor without any slippery things on her feet, she could do handstands and cartwheels. She also knew how to do magic tricks! She is such a clever kitten she even knows how to swing very high on Ebony and Alec's swings. Most of all she is great at front flips, but as she did a front flip her tail got in a knot! She was sad and everyone else was too. Alec tried to squish the knot undone but it didn't work. Ebony tried to pull it undone, but it didn't work. Then mum tried pushing it undone, but it didn't work. Then dad tried to wriggle it out, but it didn't work. Mr Brown wanted to help too but he was late for the strawberry markets and had to leave. Rachel and Zoe both wanted to help but Rachel was late for work and Zoe had to go to her dancing class. Then the fairys came to help they grabbed a tiny bottle of pink and purple fairy dust and put some in their hands, then they sprinkled it on the knot. And guess what??........ They got it undone!! Molly was so so happy. Molly said "Thank you so much fairies!" Molly still likes to do circus tricks but from now on she is going to tie a little bow on her tail so that it doesn't get tangled again.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chapter 5 - Zoe Loses Her Tooth

On Sunday Zoe (which is Ebony's friend) lost her tooth! She was so excited. Everyone gathered around the table to see it. It was one of her top ones. When she went to bed she was double excited because she knew the Tooth Fairy would visit! She wrote a lovely letter for the Tooth Fairy and then she put her tooth in a cup next to the letter. She went to sleep and when she woke up she found 2 dollars under her pillow! The Tooth Fairy also left a letter for Zoe. It was typed on the computer. She jumped on Alec, Mum & Dad's bed, and then she went outside to show the fairies, then next door to show Mr. Brown, then across the road to show the ghost! Everyone said different coments about Zoe's tooth! Alec said "Wow!! That is amazing!". Mum said "Wow, that is very exciting!". Dad said "What a lucky girl!". The ghost said "I wish I had some teeth". The fairies said "Ooooh our friend the Tooth Fairy will be so impressed. Mr Brown said "Oh I can't wait to see your big tooth when it grows". She looked a bit different than she did before but nobody cared. Zoe put her 2 dollars in her special box. Zoe couldn't decide what to buy with her money but then she thought she would share it with Ebony and Alec and buy three little cupcakes for them to enjoy together while Mum and Dad watched TV. Zoe, Ebony and Alec went outside to play and then after a while it was lunch time. Zoe's gum felt a little wierd but she didn't mind, and then oh no! Ebony lost her tooth! And then it starts all over again! *ha ha ha ha!*

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chapter 4 - Ebony's Surprise Birthday

Once it was Ebony's birthday. Ebony was going to have a surprise birthday party but she did not know about it. On the day of her birthday, Ebony went to the park with her friend Zoe and Zoe's mum, Rachel. Rachel took Zoe and Ebony back to Ebony's house and then Mr Brown, the fairies, Mum, Dad and Alec bounced out of their hiding spots and shouted SURPRISE!! Ebony was so so surprised and really happy because all her family were there. There was a very funny cake as well and when Ebony licked a bit of icing off a very funny chatterbox appeared. It was bouncy and chatty and funny, and very very fast. It kept on chatting and chatting and chatting and everyone laughed. They all had a lot of fun and then everyone handed out their presents to Ebony. From the fairies she got some magical My Little Ponys, from Mr Brown she got two Barbie dolls seperately, Alec got her a set of unicorns, Mum got her a kitten called Molly and Dad got her a Fairytopia colouring book. After all the presents were handed out they had some lunch, which was good because everyone was very hungry. They all had an excellent time, even the chatterbox. Mum, Dad, Alec and Ebony played with all the new presents and then after a couple of hours they had some dinner. It was Ebony's choice to choose what to have for dinner because it was her birthday and Ebony chose Hungry Jacks. They even got to play on the indoor playground there! When they got home they all sat down and watched a movie together and Ebony got to choose her favourite movie, which is Ella Enchanted. It was so much fun that it felt like it was a magical day and Ebony was so happy!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter 3 - The Strawberry Markets

Once there were some fairies. They loved fruit,but their favourite fruit of all was strawberries. Every now and then they ate strawberries, but they wished they could eat them all the time. They liked strawberry milk, strawberry tea, strawberry custard, and strawberry ice-cream. One day they had to go to the markets. They didn't mind because they loved the markets. They even saw strawberries at the markets, it was their lucky day. They played peek-a-boo in the strawberry house which was made out of strawberries. Mr Brown pushed them gently on the strawberry swings. The fairies liked it. Mr Brown gave them some strawberries to eat. The fairies took their strawberries home and made some strawberry cake. They decided to share their strawberry cake with Mr Brown, Ebony, Alec, Mum and Dad. It was the funnest day of the year! And it was a sunny day, so sunny that they decided to turn the markets into the strawberry markets! THE END!!!

Chapter 2 - The Ghost

At midnight there was a ghost! Mr Brown was a bit afraid of ghosts. Now you may think it's a scary ghost but it's actually a friendly ghost. Mr Brown saw the ghost sneak into his kitchen and he tried to shoo it. He said "Shoo, shoo shoo! You get out of my kitchen right now!". But that didn't work so he tried hitting the ghost. That didn't work either because his hand went straight through the ghost like a normal ghost. Then the ghost said sorry. Mr Brown said "I suppose it's okay", then the ghost made friends with Mr Brown. "It's pretty weird having a ghost friend" said Mr Brown. The ghost agreed. Now this is even weirder because they both had a cup of tea!! Then they said "Let's have a sleepover". But Mr Brown wanted to have a sleepover at the ghost's house, and the ghost wanted to have a sleepover at Mr Brown's house. What shall we do? Then there was an answer from the door! Well what do you know? It was just Mum, Dad, Alec and Ebony, and guess what they said? They said "Let's have a sleepover at our house!" So they all packed their bags and went to their house. It was as fun as a party and they had noodles for dinner.

Chapter 1 - The Dumbos

Once there was a family that went camping, but instead of making a campfire they brang their new candles. They had never used a candle before but they still knew how to use one! At night time after they told scary stories they tried to blow out the candles. Mum tried to blow out her candle but she could only blow to the left. Next Dad tried to blow out his candle but he could only blow to the right. Ebony tried to blow out her candle but she could only blow upwards. Next Alec tried to blow out his candle but he could only blow downwards. Then they noticed that everyone who came camping tried to blow out their candles but no one knew how to. So they called the police. The police blew out all the candles for them. *whistle* went the policeman as he blew out the candles. "There you go. I better get going" said the policeman. Then everyone went to sleep except the policeman. After they went to sleep Ebony dreamed about animals. Alec dreamed about flying in space. Dad dreamed about the show that he is going to next week and Mum dreamed about shopping day which is on Sunday. Then it was morning (finally!) They woke up. They had an excellent time camping but before they left they had breakfast, then they packed their things up, then they went home.