Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chapter 4 - Ebony's Surprise Birthday

Once it was Ebony's birthday. Ebony was going to have a surprise birthday party but she did not know about it. On the day of her birthday, Ebony went to the park with her friend Zoe and Zoe's mum, Rachel. Rachel took Zoe and Ebony back to Ebony's house and then Mr Brown, the fairies, Mum, Dad and Alec bounced out of their hiding spots and shouted SURPRISE!! Ebony was so so surprised and really happy because all her family were there. There was a very funny cake as well and when Ebony licked a bit of icing off a very funny chatterbox appeared. It was bouncy and chatty and funny, and very very fast. It kept on chatting and chatting and chatting and everyone laughed. They all had a lot of fun and then everyone handed out their presents to Ebony. From the fairies she got some magical My Little Ponys, from Mr Brown she got two Barbie dolls seperately, Alec got her a set of unicorns, Mum got her a kitten called Molly and Dad got her a Fairytopia colouring book. After all the presents were handed out they had some lunch, which was good because everyone was very hungry. They all had an excellent time, even the chatterbox. Mum, Dad, Alec and Ebony played with all the new presents and then after a couple of hours they had some dinner. It was Ebony's choice to choose what to have for dinner because it was her birthday and Ebony chose Hungry Jacks. They even got to play on the indoor playground there! When they got home they all sat down and watched a movie together and Ebony got to choose her favourite movie, which is Ella Enchanted. It was so much fun that it felt like it was a magical day and Ebony was so happy!!


  1. My birthday was on the 6th of May, and it wasn't as fun as Ebony's sounds! Maybe next year she can invite me - I am good at choosing presents!