Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 6 - Molly's Tangled Tail

Early in the afternoon Molly the kitten put on a circus show. Molly was very good at doing circus tricks. She knew how to slide along the floor without any slippery things on her feet, she could do handstands and cartwheels. She also knew how to do magic tricks! She is such a clever kitten she even knows how to swing very high on Ebony and Alec's swings. Most of all she is great at front flips, but as she did a front flip her tail got in a knot! She was sad and everyone else was too. Alec tried to squish the knot undone but it didn't work. Ebony tried to pull it undone, but it didn't work. Then mum tried pushing it undone, but it didn't work. Then dad tried to wriggle it out, but it didn't work. Mr Brown wanted to help too but he was late for the strawberry markets and had to leave. Rachel and Zoe both wanted to help but Rachel was late for work and Zoe had to go to her dancing class. Then the fairys came to help they grabbed a tiny bottle of pink and purple fairy dust and put some in their hands, then they sprinkled it on the knot. And guess what??........ They got it undone!! Molly was so so happy. Molly said "Thank you so much fairies!" Molly still likes to do circus tricks but from now on she is going to tie a little bow on her tail so that it doesn't get tangled again.


  1. I love reading your chapters, this one is my favourite :)

  2. This is a really fun story Ella with a great ending. I'm guessing Molly's wearing a pink and purple ribbon on her tail to make the fairies happy :)