Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter 3 - The Strawberry Markets

Once there were some fairies. They loved fruit,but their favourite fruit of all was strawberries. Every now and then they ate strawberries, but they wished they could eat them all the time. They liked strawberry milk, strawberry tea, strawberry custard, and strawberry ice-cream. One day they had to go to the markets. They didn't mind because they loved the markets. They even saw strawberries at the markets, it was their lucky day. They played peek-a-boo in the strawberry house which was made out of strawberries. Mr Brown pushed them gently on the strawberry swings. The fairies liked it. Mr Brown gave them some strawberries to eat. The fairies took their strawberries home and made some strawberry cake. They decided to share their strawberry cake with Mr Brown, Ebony, Alec, Mum and Dad. It was the funnest day of the year! And it was a sunny day, so sunny that they decided to turn the markets into the strawberry markets! THE END!!!


  1. I wish I was one of those fairies - how lovely to eat so many strawberry flavoured things! I'd like some strawberry cake!

  2. brilliant story Ella.... everyone loves Strawberries! :)

  3. Lovely story Ella. That was so nice of Mr Brown to push the fairies gently on the swing.