Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 7 - Alec scores a goal!

One day Alec was going to the soccer game for the first time! He was soooooo excited that the first thing he did in the morning was run out of bed, eat his breakfast, get his clothes on and jump on everyone's bed! Everyone was so excited because they were coming to watch him. Everyone ate their breakfast. Alec had all ready had his breakfast so he went outside to practice playing soccer. When they got to the soccer game, everyone got a nice cozy seat except Alec because he was going to play the game! Soon the coach arrived (finally!) Alec kicked the ball really hard for his very first time. Everyone clapped and cheered because he scored a goal and everyone was so happy because he was on their favourite team and they won. Everyone went home to have their little lunch break for 4 minutes, then they went back to the game. It was only across the road! Then Alec was going to get his medal because he won! He had 20 people on his team and Alec made the whole team win. Just 1 of him and 19 of the rest and he could still make his team win because he had been practicing the game by himself. Mister Brown and the rest came over their house after the game for a picnic. They had toast, juice, cupcakes, Aussie fries (because we're not French!!!) Poor Ghost couldn't join because he had no teeth to eat because he was a ghost!! But he could eat toast, cupcakes & drink juice. Everyone came over including Zoe and Rachel. They all had fun .



  1. What a great game Alec played, he's a real hero:)His mum and dad must be very proud of him!!

  2. The picnic sounds yum, I bet Alec enjoyed it after his big game!