Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter 2 - The Ghost

At midnight there was a ghost! Mr Brown was a bit afraid of ghosts. Now you may think it's a scary ghost but it's actually a friendly ghost. Mr Brown saw the ghost sneak into his kitchen and he tried to shoo it. He said "Shoo, shoo shoo! You get out of my kitchen right now!". But that didn't work so he tried hitting the ghost. That didn't work either because his hand went straight through the ghost like a normal ghost. Then the ghost said sorry. Mr Brown said "I suppose it's okay", then the ghost made friends with Mr Brown. "It's pretty weird having a ghost friend" said Mr Brown. The ghost agreed. Now this is even weirder because they both had a cup of tea!! Then they said "Let's have a sleepover". But Mr Brown wanted to have a sleepover at the ghost's house, and the ghost wanted to have a sleepover at Mr Brown's house. What shall we do? Then there was an answer from the door! Well what do you know? It was just Mum, Dad, Alec and Ebony, and guess what they said? They said "Let's have a sleepover at our house!" So they all packed their bags and went to their house. It was as fun as a party and they had noodles for dinner.

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  1. I'm so happy that the friendly ghost got to have noodles for dinner because I think he was hungry and that why he was sneaking into Mr Browns kitchen. Very lovely story Ella. Well done!!