Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chapter 5 - Zoe Loses Her Tooth

On Sunday Zoe (which is Ebony's friend) lost her tooth! She was so excited. Everyone gathered around the table to see it. It was one of her top ones. When she went to bed she was double excited because she knew the Tooth Fairy would visit! She wrote a lovely letter for the Tooth Fairy and then she put her tooth in a cup next to the letter. She went to sleep and when she woke up she found 2 dollars under her pillow! The Tooth Fairy also left a letter for Zoe. It was typed on the computer. She jumped on Alec, Mum & Dad's bed, and then she went outside to show the fairies, then next door to show Mr. Brown, then across the road to show the ghost! Everyone said different coments about Zoe's tooth! Alec said "Wow!! That is amazing!". Mum said "Wow, that is very exciting!". Dad said "What a lucky girl!". The ghost said "I wish I had some teeth". The fairies said "Ooooh our friend the Tooth Fairy will be so impressed. Mr Brown said "Oh I can't wait to see your big tooth when it grows". She looked a bit different than she did before but nobody cared. Zoe put her 2 dollars in her special box. Zoe couldn't decide what to buy with her money but then she thought she would share it with Ebony and Alec and buy three little cupcakes for them to enjoy together while Mum and Dad watched TV. Zoe, Ebony and Alec went outside to play and then after a while it was lunch time. Zoe's gum felt a little wierd but she didn't mind, and then oh no! Ebony lost her tooth! And then it starts all over again! *ha ha ha ha!*